Walking with ideas

When the weather is as beautiful as it is right now, being outside is the only option. It’s so easy to think outside. To plan, to analyse and to be imaginative. The best thing about thinking when walking is that somehow the weak or silly ideas just leave you in peace… they go to play in the grass or hide in the bushes… it’s just the good ones that hold on to your shoe laces, walk the mile with you and only jump off your shoes when you get home. They run to your desk and dance around your keyboard… until you are ready to sit in your swivel chair and feel the rhythm yourself… and they are nice and kind and patient ideas… they do wait for you to eat your dinner, wash the dishes and put your child to bed, they don’t mind that you read a book and sing a lullaby to him. When you turn up, they just greet you with a smile excited that you have found a minute to pick them up and engage with them… they have a nice character those ideas… they are… good ideas. Are any of them on your shoe laces today?

8 thoughts on “Walking with ideas

  1. Oh, that sounds heavenly. The only thoughts I have right now are more the stressy type that flit around your brain when you’re trying to fall asleep and won’t leave you in peace. Can’t wait for those beautiful flowers to appear here, too! We’re not quite there yet…


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