Observing Your Toddler: Creating a Record of Today

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Photography is only one way of capturing the growth of our children. Writing memories, diaries and stories down is another wonderful way of storing these precious-but-fleeting moments. However, parenthood is busy and so sometimes you just want to jot some facts down in your calendar and perhaps repeat it later on to see your child’s development and changes in taste. This list might help you. I did it yesterday for my son. At the end is an empty one for you to copy and fill in if you’d like to do it too. It’s a really enjoyable process that will give you many smiles. If you want to, you may also give it to your partner to fill in just to check if there are differences in the way in which you see your child. :) Enjoy!

My child today:

Doing: walking long distances, sliding, exploring the garden, lying down on the grass, turning and giggling

Watching: people on the bus, Curious George, Mickey Mouse, Peppa Pig

Listening to: his father singing to him Italian nursery rhymes

Pointing to: children

Repeating: beka, keba (no meaning) to, ta (this, that in Polish), heya, croco (short for crocodile)

Commenting on: everything, everywhere to everyone

Making: a soup in his cup

Looking at: food being prepared, trees, children

Playing with: wallets and purses, water and containers, broomstick and vacuum cleaner

Creating: a mess

Picking up: leaves, sticks and stones, bits of threads from the carpet

Drawing: lines and doodles and preferably on the desk not on paper while biting on rubbers and pencil tips

Reading: people’s business cards

Likes to be read: Pulcino Pio (Italian book), Pinocchio

Eating: porridge and pears, pasta, sweetcorn

Drinking: water, milk, orange juice

Exercising with: his tricycle, balls

Cuddling: Koko (his monkey), a pillow before he goes to sleep

Pulling: toilet handle, internet connection cable, his zip in his jacket

Pushing: food away when he has finished; computer power button

Climbing: onto a dishwasher’s door when open; any ladder or slide; onto his toy chest to open the door

Caring for: an old tiny teddy bear without an arm

Dancing to: Cztery Slonie (a Polish children song) and everything else that he hears on the radio

When sad:  a cuddle, a friend, a song, a dance

Sharing: food, laughs


My child today:



Listening to:

Pointing to:


Commenting on:


Looking at:

Playing with:


Picking up:



To be read:



Exercising with:





Caring for:

Dancing to:

When sad: 


6 thoughts on “Observing Your Toddler: Creating a Record of Today

  1. Wspaniały pomysł. Cudny blog. Dzięki niemu szlifuję mój angielski i patrzę na macierzyństwo z jeszcze innej, cudnej perspektywy. Pozdrawiam z Mądrej Miłości :)


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