Dreaming together

dreaming together 2

Every so often I’d like to find out what great spiritual leaders have to say about families. A while ago I came across a quote from a sermon of Pope Francis in which he urged families to cultivate a habit of dreaming together. I thought that it was a wonderful message to send to both parents and children. Dreaming together – we’ve got to find the time and the opportunity to do it.

In our house, dreaming together sometimes means planning our trips and holidays, organising our week or saving money for a house-improvement project, but other times it actually means sharing our enthusiasm or crazy needs, reaffirming who we are and what we want to do and who we want to be. How otherwise are we to learn who our family members actually are? How otherwise are they going to learn who we are?

This is to some extent how I see love.

Loving someone is to love their dreams.

My dream for this coming week is to fly safely to Poland (and back) to find out what my family over there dreams about. Although I do not have a white beard or red outfit, I might still be able to make things happen.

Now I’m off to pack and quiz my husband about his dreams. Hopefully, he’ll say that I’m still one of them. ;)

Do zobaczenia! (‘See you soon’ in Polish)


One thought on “Dreaming together

  1. Yes indeed. Families who ‘connect; and have a common dream is a great Gift. Nurturing, dreaming, looking for beauty together focussing on the loving and beautiful power of connection and filtering out the grim and the violent. Indeed dreaming all life long of the possibilities of better.

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