A December Soundscape

We’ve made an early start in our preparation towards Christmas. My little elf and I decorated our living Christmas tree last Sunday and we made the house smell of oranges, cinnamon and cloves with our very simple house ornaments. I’ve been having a very strong need of embracing peace in this very last month of the year – to counterbalance the madness that’s reported daily in the news but also to create a distance towards all the imposed deadlines and obligations that we have towards the end of year.

There is nothing worse than getting ourselves wound-up and exhausted during the time when our hearts are supposed to be expanding with peace, love and kindness, during the time when we should be filling ourselves up with all the goodness of the world that allows us to give and love fully in the year to come.

A while ago my husband and I promised to each other that we will live with the seasons, that we will allow ourselves to experience every month as nature wants us, with the goodness that each month brings. December with its candle-lit evenings, warm blankets and the purity of snow, invites peace. Early darkness frees us from disturbances – it is almost as if we’ve been encouraged to go a little deeper into ourselves to look for peace and remove the noise from our heads and hearts.

What I found, however, is that recently I have been coming home with some odd Christmas jingels in my head or snippets of disturbing news and conversations and I’ve been struggling to quieten these earworms in my head, but Thank God for good music. Music brings me to life and balance. The magical music that sends me where I want to be… into the cosy arms of the magical peaceful world of love and hope (and a little bit of nostalgia to complete it all).

If, just as me, you are a seeker of mellow contentedness and you love soulful, heart-opening (sometimes acoustic and instrumental but often also lyrical) music, here are my recommendations for you (click to open them in You Tube). I cannot have enough of these albums – my life would be emptier without them. Who knows… it might be the same for you.

  1. Charlie Haden and Pat Metheny – beyond the Missouri Sky
  2. Josh Groban – Closer
  3. Sara Tavares – Balance
  4. Chris Botti – Impressions
  5. Leonard Cohen – Greatest Hits


One thought on “A December Soundscape

  1. Thank you for your blog. Your desire for peace in this last month of 2015 is such a cry on many hearts. Christmas gives us the soft break whether our lives are surrounded by the cold or part of the blazing heart of an Australian Christmas. if you would like to stop for a couple of minutes and simply breathe in PEACE I invite you to take a look at my Website: http://www.Sacredmusings.com if you scroll down to entry 19 it is called Peace-A Holy Gift perhaps you will find what is written and the images balm or encouragement to your soul. (This website has been for many years my more private reflection area. it is not a facebook site and now know except by friends and friends of friends who journey there. Peace to you and yours.


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