Thankful Tuesday (Poland)

We didn’t have much time for sight-seeing in Poland but seeing my family was actually what I mainly wanted out of our short visit there. Everything else was an additional treat. So today I am grateful for my family in Poland and all the places of heart-warming indulgence that I like to visit there. :)

Polish sweets_2

Cukiernia Śródmiejska, Piła


Produkty benedyktynskie

Produkty Benedyktyńskie, Piła


Produkty Benedyktyńskie, Piła

Polish sweets

Cukiernia Śródmiejska, Piła


6 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday (Poland)

  1. Thank you through this blog for letting me into your life. This idea of postcards without stamps enables such a beautiful pictorial heart view of your life, living and gratefulness etc. Gratitude indeed was expressed in every image. Some time I would like to know about the ghosts. Many of us with European connections (mine is Italian but from 2 generations ago) ie my father was born in Australia, have not only inherited faith but ?ghosts. Blog appreciated very much.

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