Thankful Tuesday

IMG_9384dancingDo you remember the times when friends or neighbours would call on you with a parcel of nutritious food when you or other members of your family were unwell? Well… these times are not over. A friend of mine with her two-year-old has just turned up on my doorstep with some warm and homemade lunch knowing that I’ve been coughing and sneezing for the last few days. Experiencing kindness feels wonderful. It’s uplifting. It’s inspiring.

When things like that happen, all of a sudden, you see that there are other ones that you can be grateful for. So I thought I will take an example from Katie at Life With The Crew  who is running a series of Thankful Tuesdays and I’ll share with you my highlights. I am grateful for:

– my friend who made me feel that I’m looked after
– all homemade remedies for coughs and colds, including the foul ginger, garlic, milk and honey drink;
– a quiet afternoon without a headache (but with a cup of coffee and a novel);
– music that’s always able to cheer up the chores;
– my son’s early morning dance and giggles that disarm even the most tired of parents;
– clothes that just need some ironing and not replacement;
– my hard-working husband whose dedication to work and his family permits our growth;
– life led with passion;
– and for all of you who take the time to read this. Thank you!

What are you grateful for today?

Pop over to Life With The Crew to be inspired!

6 thoughts on “Thankful Tuesday

  1. Well I am thankful that someone else is jumping on the thankful train! We do all have something to be thankful for every day. Sometimes we just need a little reminder about it. Sounds like you’ve been feeling the same way I am. Sending positive thoughts for both of us to get better quick – we have busy babes to dance with!


  2. Thank you. I needed to read something positive and focus on some positives in my own life. I am thankful for your blog! Also thankful for my warm house now that the weather is suddenly frigid and snowy.

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