“Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work”


Whenever I feel slightly vulnerable, I search for words that would give me strength. I look for speeches that inspire me and make me feel less fragile. People have a capacity to hurt us but also to plaster our wounds; they can let us down or surprise us with their generosity. I love being surprised and inspired with people’s good heart, with their ability to sacrifice a bit of self-comfort, a bit of self for greater values, for community, family or friendship. I am painfully conscious of the fact that only actions will make me a better person, only actions speak of me. There are moments however when I feel very tired, when I feel too disgruntled to continue doing things and it is then that I most need to be inspired, I need to be convinced again… in order not to give up. These are the speeches that inspired me lately.
1. Patch Adams (Movie, Parts 8/10 and 9/10 on You Tube)
2.The real Patch Adams.
I’ve come across these words by Ann Landers the other day: “Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.” I hope I am not making a mistake by having another go at a project that will take a lot of effort to complete – in January I am resuming my doctoral studies. My research is not related to medicine, but I relate to the doctor in the videos when he says “Sir, I want to be a doctor with all my heart. I want to become a doctor so that I can serve others.” I am trying to fight a state of terrible insecurity right now. Last time I started my research I had to stop it as my body collapsed (pregnancy efforts and research was just too much for me to bear). In January I’ll be entering the research stronger in body but with trauma. I fear and I question but I want to do it…with all my heart.

16 thoughts on ““Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work”

  1. Me too! I also look for inspiration that will embolden me and provide a new fresh perspective of looking at things. It sounds like things have been a bit tough, I wish you well :) I also hope that it’s not out of line for me to say this, but courage is not in the absence of fear, but in spite of it. Your ambition to be a doctor simply to serve others is a noble one and very inspirational.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. As a single parent trying to keep everything together I understand your tiredness and also the desire to make a difference to the world. Do be easy on yourself. This culture tends to overemphasize doing over being at terrible costs to our mental and physical health. We could all do with taking the long view and smelling the roses on our journey. This piece may interest you.https://medium.com/message/against-productivity-b19f56b67da6

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    • Thank you Inez! You are so right! We do emphasize doing over being! I’ve read the article that you suggested. I like what she says about wisdom and productivity. Wisdom comes with time and space to think. It’s good to remember to give ourselves both.


      • Hi Alicja. Sorry I only just say this comment and found nothing in my spam queue so it must have been deleted. If you can be bothered to resend please do but it is a while ago now. Really enjoying your posts. Inez


  3. I am sorry you are going through a tough time but I admire your ability to get back to it! I am sure it will be satisfying once you begin. I notice that when I am plagued with doubts (which is quite often) doing something different helps me find my focus again. I’ll be thinking of you as you undertake this new adventure!

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  4. Stress does horrible things to us. It is awful. My friend had a number of stress-related problems when he was going through Medical School, but he stuck with it and made it. It was incredibly tough going. I hope you make your dream come true. The world could use another great doctor with your compassion and outlook. Good luck!

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    • Thank you One Page Every Day! My doctoral research is not in medicine or related to it field, but I hope that my findings will help many families and children.I am interested in education and multicultural society. I’ll be examining social and linguistic ills. My grandfather was a medical doctor, I am inspired by his commitment to society and the ideas of Patch Adams too. I love when he says ‘ We do not promise cure, but care’ I will travel through my doctoral research with these words in mind and hopefully this will save me from too much stress. Stress is, as you’ve said, terrible. It’s a powerful toxin.I will try to put regular detox activities in my schedule to make sure I’ll remain sane. Thank you for your kind words of support. They are very helpful.


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