Taking stock – grasping balance

the sun shining on the roses
Sometimes it’s nice to locate yourself in the busyness of your life and to take a snapshot of what is happening. Likes, wants, feelings and responsibilities. A taking stock list and a template was made by Pip at  Meet Me at Mike‘s last year and it’s still going strong on the world wide web. I decided to use her template and below is what I’ve gathered from my most recent days. What would your list look like?

Making: paper puppets and puzzles out of old colour-in pictures
Cooking: risotto with soon-out-of-season British asparagus
Drinking: black coffee
Reading: about Bali
Wanting: more time to write
Looking: forward to visiting the mainland of Europe
Playing: in the garden with my son a lot
Wasting: as little as I can
Sewing: nothing at the moment
Wishing: for peace in Ukraine
Enjoying: sunny weather in the UK and developing friendships
Waiting: for my son’s first sentences
Liking: this song and this post
Wondering: about where this blog will take me
Loving: dancing with my son to this music
Hoping: to stick to the nothing new project
Marvelling: at summer fruit and veg
Needing: nothing
Smelling: strawberries, freshly cut grass and turned earth and compost around
Wearing: my mum’s old jeans and a 3 year old sleeveless blue top
Following: impossibly too many ants on the kitchen table
Noticing: developing preferences and a strong independent streak in my son’s character
Knowing: not enough about eco-friendly living and organic gardening
Thinking: deep about languages and cultures
Feeling: loved
Bookmarking: this blog and this site, this talk and this recipe
Opening: my wardrobe for charity
Giggling: with my son while watching Curious George and while playing safari

So this is where I am today, where are you?


in the garden

6 thoughts on “Taking stock – grasping balance

  1. What a beautiful list and a beautiful idea. I love this. So glad it sounds like things are positive and happy, I love toward the end, “Feeling: loved.” That is the best feeling.


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