Why do I blog?


I am still slightly insecure about this blogging world. It scares me at times but I love writing and love connecting with people and I guess this blog is my method for reaching out… reaching beyond borders, beyond social grouping and time constraints.

My professional life restricts my publishing rights so I write about daily matters, values and challenges and I find that it’s enough to build bonds with people.

I had different reactions to this blog, words of encouragement and congratulations, surprise and polite or impolite critiques. Some words gave me wings, others tried to snip them. That’s life…

And it’s this life which is worth writing about… because a lot of learning happens during it that we often don’t take any notice of… because daily life is a lot to deal with and a lot to be grateful for… and to me this is fascinating… to me this is worth capturing and documenting… because we are made of small moments… we are made of everyday conversations and exchanges of smiles, winks and grimaces… we are the reflections of it all… so why not to write about it? Why not give it its due status? The daily life that’s made so infamous… because it sometimes overwhelms us with its chores, choices and charades.

I hope that with time you see more stories of people here… of the quiet celebrities of our daily lives… the people that deserve the space because they just simply are there for us and they are doing their jobs with passion… like the greengrocer that I wrote about and the glass decorator that I encountered while travelling through Wales… There are more people that I admire… a young Sardenian man that I knew as a waiter that decided to open his own little restaurant, a Cypriot mum that has been forever dedicated to bring up her sons and daughter, a picture frame maker that I meet in my local park, a professor who’s turning his knowledge into jazz music, and a young and beautiful woman who’s fighting with the not-so-uncommon mentality among young people that it’s not worth to do things for free… this woman is all about volunteering… about being society-oriented about not forgetting, about others that are less fortunate than we are. These are people that I admire. These are my celebrities and I want to write about them.

All too often the stories in the media tear people up. The Roman Colosseum in print. We are forced to be spectators of those cruel games. I refuse to sit there and watch. I had enough. Because humanity is precious and the human spirit should not be slain. We are too good for that. You are too good for that.

The truth is that on a daily basis we are also charmed and inspired… we are challenged and made curious… by events and occurrences, by our friends, family members and acquaintances, why not to pass these feelings forward… why not to write about them?

What are your reasons to write, photograph and share? How do you feel about blogging?



9 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. I am charmed and inspired by your blog. You make it all worthwhile. We just bought our cherry tomato plant for the deck and look forward to a harvest like those in your hand in a few weeks. Best wishes :-)


  2. I like you idea of celebrities. I have no interest in the regular kind – I prefer to read real stories about real people. Looking forward to reading your celebrity posts!


  3. I know exactly how you feel. I vacillate between feeling so happy I have the blog, to connect with other people and document the amazing growth of my twins. But then I feel guilty somehow, as if it should all really be private and I’m broadcasting it to the world.


    • When my son was born I was really happy to read other mums’ blogs. I was learning from them and I was so grateful to them for writing about their experiences. Because of their blogs I wasn’t lonely or sad, I think that many mothers around the world feel the same about reading your blog. I think they are very happy that you are willing to share bits of your daily routine with them. You are doing a great job, my Lady Sparrow. Be sure of that!


  4. My reason to blog is because I love taking pictures, and it’s just so much more fun to do if you can share them with people who actually care. It’s also a way for me to relax after a busy day and to stay in touch with my family and friends back in my country. Great blog! ;)


  5. I have several blogs, they may differ in topic but I think they’re all linked by following reasons: I want to share my knowledge with people, inspire them, broaden mine and their horizons. I learn things from bloging, from people’s blogs. I love discussions. My “daily life” blog is about daily life in a city, not really personal things. I couldn’t post things like you.

    Keep up the good work. :)


    • Yes, it’s great to learn from blogging and for me the best thing is that this learning can happen on different planes: social, cultural, political and personal. The common ground is that we search for a conversation on the topics that we write about so thank you for commenting. Nice to hear your views.


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