Today I walked into my old working environment and I was truly taken by the way my colleagues greeted me… with broad smiles, open arms and tears in some eyes. I’ve been truly missing these beautiful minds… people of similar values and various persuasions, people of similar dreams and common interests and ambitions, people who saw me at my highest and my lowest and have been always a pleasure to work with.

It’s been a while since I’ve emptied my desk, became a mum and opened myself to lonely pursuits. I am on my own now in my professional and creative life and these routes of one are not always easy… there’s no one to banter with… there’s no one to bounce ideas against… no one who can fill knowledge voids, dispel doubts and no one but myself to debate with – how boring and unsatisfying it is at times… to be just on your own at your piece of paper. And so I travelled today down memory lane and we shared and exchanged as many feelings and experiences as the time allowed us to, we shared laughs and we shared suffering and I felt that we all missed each others’ company…

I’ve never been quick to call someone a friend. I believe it takes time and a few overcome-together challenges to create true friendship… but today when I was going back home and staring at the changing landscape behind the train window, I felt this warming and reassuring feeling that…

… I had friends…

… loving, intelligent and courageous friends.

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