Childhood memories – nostalgic landscapes

There’s too much noise in life but there’s never enough good music. Welcome back after my holiday break, my dear friends. Here’s something for you to relax to. A very dear piece of music to me… Maestro… Ennio Morricone and his Cinema Paradiso.  Makes me think of childhood. Does it do the same to you? Below are a few photographs from Poland, my home-country. This is the landscape that I grew up in… it is embedded in me…. and it is part of me… regardless of where I go… irrespective where I travel to… I am of this earth…








Polish Tulipslife

5 thoughts on “Childhood memories – nostalgic landscapes

  1. Beautiful photos. Reminds me of where I grew up, amidst farmland in California, and yet different (no tulips in California, and it was flat, no hills). Hope you had a good, restful trip.


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