MyCake, Her Cake, and Your Cake



A while ago I wrote a post in which I was telling you about my friend, Dorota, who is a wonderful fairy and turns everything around her into beauty. A week ago I had a chance to photograph her at work. She’s been always a very creative soul, capable of making magic. The cakes presented here are her art and below you can see her preparing another one for a very hungry customer.

I read somewhere a while ago that “True art is control over passion.” I think you can see it all in her work. Dorota has always been a great inspiration to me and I will be forever grateful to her for showing me that I do not need a permission slip to create. But imagination and perseverance.

If you are interested in Dorota’s cakes, contact her through Facebook at MyCake. Dorota is based in Poland in the region of Wielkopolska. Her handmade cakes have travelled long distances before so just get in touch with her if the idea of combining art and food appeals to you as much as to her.


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