The bridge where tantrums melt

sunny spellsduck feedingfeeding ducks2

birds feedingthe bridge 2

There is a bridge close to my house where tantrums melt and calm proceeds. I’m not quite sure what it is in that place that pacifies difficult feelings and makes more reassuring communication possible. Maybe it’s the joy of reaching a destination that does it or the task of feeding ducks or just being surrounded by nature or maybe all of these things taken together. Life just seems to float there. Just like the water under the bridge.

It’s not only the toddler who needs the bridge. I need it too, to quieten my internal communication with myself. August has been quite intense for me as the next few months are likely to be. When the pressure is high, I really appreciate open spaces more than anything. Perhaps I also have got a kicking and screaming toddler in myself who can only collect herself when out in the wild.

When I used to work in my dad’s orchard, my sister and I would spend a lot of time just looking into the sky, watching the passing clouds, connecting with the heavens. I noticed that my son loves doing it too. Looking up, breathing deeply. It’s reassuring, isn’t it? That under the clouds we are all small people.

2 thoughts on “The bridge where tantrums melt

  1. This is so true in my own life right now Alicja. The tantrums have been really bad lately and while we are normally pretty active, I’m going to just keep us even more active, exploring outside, hoping that if she is running wild, there won’t be time for tantrums. (Until it is time to go home…) Beautiful photos.

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    • I notice that most of the tantrums happen in our place if I start our day by trying to accomplish a lot of things in the house. If I give my son 45 min of focused attention at the very beginning of our day, the day goes better and smoother. We’re more connected. Being outside also brings this connection. Every so often I read Janet Lansbury’s site. She’s full of good suggestions on how to manage toddlers: You might like to have look at it. It’s hard work, isn’t it? But yes, let’s just continue what we’re doing. It will change with time. Sending hugs. xxx


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