Peace is Needed for Renewal, Peace is Needed for Change


As much as I see situations when I would agree with the title of this post, I wouldn’t say that this is what I experience when I am in the process of creating something. I am often troubled and pressured by a guard in my head telling me that I am too slow, too quick, or that I really should be doing something else, and of course that there is a better, simpler, easier or a more sophisticated way of doing whatever I am doing. This internal judge can speak quite loudly, boldly discrediting or shaming whatever project I am working on. The voice is especially powerful at the end of the year when I am trying to catch up on some often self- or socially-imposed agreements.

This voice is a fairly competent time thief. Because really whatever I am doing I love doing and whatever project I dive into answers a craving of my heart and soul in some way, or answers some needs that the season and family life creates.

Life is too short to take yourself too seriously (yes Rachel, you’ve told me that). Too short to focus only on one piece of a jigsaw puzzle. One piece never builds a view. It never gives you a sense of completeness. Life is made of many pieces, many wonderful pieces that complete and complement one another.

I wish we were more forgiving towards ourselves. Less judgmental. More understanding. We are all trying as much as we can in the areas we find ourselves in. There is no need for additional pressures (external or internal) on top of those that are already present.

It doesn’t matter if we are quick or slow. If we do things in this manner or another way. If we make occasional mistakes. If we don’t do things as well as someone else. The important thing is that we have the willingness to do things, that we have the willingness to renew, change or just carry on. The willingness is often enough to move us forward and it is this willingness that I am today grateful for. The need to persevere.

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ginger men in a basket

community starts with cake

Thankful Tuesday series was started by Life With The Crew. Pop over to her blog to read about her adventures.

4 thoughts on “Peace is Needed for Renewal, Peace is Needed for Change

  1. Nice thoughts and a good reminder. As a stay-at-home Mom who isn’t around many people on a daily basis, the internal judgemental voice you talk about is the one that I hear most. Feeling that I need to do this or that, adds pressure that only I am making for myself.


  2. I read that when we are criticising ourselves in the way you describe, we need to use mindful awareness to try and discover whose voice it is. Often those thoughts belong to someone from the past: a parent; teacher; sibling – and so on.


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