Nothing New – 2014 Challenge


There are some initiatives that I just cannot resist supporting. This wonderful Aussie mama, Sash from Inked in Colour, has just started one of them. Motivated by greater good and caring, she decided to dedicate 2014 to deliberate living and in so doing she resolved NOT to buy anything new in 2014. Since the themes for Postcards without stamps for this year are those of Caring (The Caring 2014 Project) and Saving to Give, I am jumping enthusiastically on Sash’s bandwagon and am promising myself not to buy anything new in 2014. What I want to do is to transfer the capability to buy new things to those who normally cannot afford it. I don’t want to put the economy out of joint, just gently change who buys – at least just for a year. I want to care for what I’ve got and benefit those that are not as fortunate as I am. Care and Share – these are my two words for this year. The Nothing New initiative will enable me live by these two words.

Are you up for the challenge? At least for a month, a fortnight, one day? Think about it. I’ll write more about how I intend to do it in my next post.

This logo above is from Inked in Colour


IMG_4698czeresniebw Homemade cakecotton again... how soft and cute

Love, Alicja

11 thoughts on “Nothing New – 2014 Challenge

  1. Wow, that’s admirable–and sounds challenging. I will have to look at the link more in detail. In the meantime, I love this series of photos at the bottom of your post.


  2. I rarely buy new things, partly because I learned to be frugal when I was a single mother with 4 kids at home, and partly because I find charm in things that don’t come off the retail rack. (And thanks for your sweet comment on my post today.)


  3. What a fantastic idea Alicja – I will try and follow this for 2014 as much as a possibly can, I will keep you updated if i fall by the wayside! good luck with your estimable quest!


  4. I’d be quite happy to not buy anything new… but I’m a smoker and a chewing gum addict and love my beer. Do new consumables count? Ah, no matter. It’s my hubby who is the shopaholic anyway. I don’t see reining him in as a possibility, ever. Sigh.


  5. I generally buy second-hand – from photography gear via Ebay, to books from Amazon or clothes through my local charity shop, but still I think it would be tough to buy nothing new for a whole year. I applaud you for setting the bar high and for leading by example. Lovely photos too :-)


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