Sweetness and Setbacks


When I’m going through a period of strong self-doubt I always reach for my camera. My camera is my reassurance tool. It always makes me bounce back from failures and depressing news. The lens works for me as a bad-to-good news filter. It allows me to remember that really there is so much sweetness in life, sweetness that we make ourselves oblivious to when our minds are anxious. When I take my camera out, I re-focus.  I see the treats and the treasures of our daily life and at times I even look at myself with a more positive eye – have you noticed that smiling to the camera makes us more playful almost instantly? And ironically, play makes us find more solutions to our problems then anxiety does. How do you cultivate a playful mind?

2 thoughts on “Sweetness and Setbacks

  1. absolutely. A camera focus somehow shifts the emphasis from self to seek after the beautiful. Images of self bring out the playful because for me I think I suddenly realize how I am a part of the whole and need to contribute the positive. Lovely images. Thanks.

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