A Prayer


Dawlish Warren, Devon, UK


I am praying tonight that on this Friday morning my family will wake up in a more united world. I pray that we will not waste the efforts of people who for the last sixty years have been relentlessly working for the peace, connection and cooperation of the countries of Europe. I pray that the People of the United Kingdom will go to the Ballot Box with open hearts and will acknowledge that together we are the peacemakers and the creators. I pray that tomorrow the People will vote to remain in the European Union.

There is no peace without the mutual commitment to it. There is none.

One thought on “A Prayer

  1. I am voting for the UK tomorrow to remain in the EU. This I do because for 70 years peace has been kept in Western Europe, the Berlin Wall has fallen and 8 countries formally in Communist regimes have joined us. I am voting because together the democracies of Europe can deal with all sorts of all embracing issues TOGETHER that single countries alone cannot tackle.

    If the UK decides to leave the EU the elected politicians of the UK will not be able to take the decisions which the others will take over common matters affecting us. We in the UK will no longer have our representatives voting for laws affecting all of us in the European Parliament. Our people will pay a high price for such a decision and they will then complain that no-one told them of the consequences of pulling out of the EU.


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