La Befana

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Card by the charity: EMBRACE the Middle East


Happy Epiphany!

So today we celebrate the Three Wise Men visiting Jesus as a small child. Our little one has also had his own visitor: a very old lady with broken shoes and poor clothes who traveled in the night on her broomstick to leave some small and delicious presents. It turned out that I was the only mischievous child in our house as I was the only one who found onion and garlic in my stocking while my men were indulging in glorious Panettone (paneton in the Milanese language)!

The card with the Wise Men encourages us to remember the Middle East and the whole image evokes thoughts of humble respect and prudence. The three scholars bowed in respect before something much bigger than themselves, God Almighty. Then, they received a gift of prudence to go back to their own countries choosing a path that would make them avoid Herod. This is a story about guidance, respect and prudence. May we all embrace them this year.

Happy Epiphany!


This year I will be posting towards the end of each month. With my very best wishes in this New Year. x Alicja



7 thoughts on “La Befana

  1. Beautiful post. I love the sharing of your journey. Happy Epiphany to you as well. Let us all in 2016 have Divine wisdom like the three wise men and bring our hearts and lives again in worship to the Almighty ONE. Love Faye

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