Nothing New: Reuse, Repurpose, Multiply








Old baskets, old flowerpots, old bricks and panes, old herbs, old seeds, and my old book… used, reused or re-purposed today. It’s shocking how many useful things hide in our houses, sheds and garages…. I needed those things today and they were there… waiting for me… most likely hoping that I hadn’t entirely forgotten about them… I must admit… I had, but it’s my resolution not to buy anything new this year so this morning I eagerly looked around our house and our garden and I found them and then I was just scrubbing, cleaning, digging, planting and assembling… and the whole process made me really happy… it still does…It’s nice to know that you can rescue things… that you can give them their second lives… It feels good.. It empowers.

2 thoughts on “Nothing New: Reuse, Repurpose, Multiply

  1. Ben studiato! Le erbe aromatiche sono utilissime in cucina …e molto facili da propagare. Mi piacciono pure i cestini e la mini-serra accanto al muro.


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