Not sure if I can give this one up…


The nothing new challenge which I embraced this year is asking for a sacrifice… a healthy one though… I will need to stretch…. and I am being literal here… because I need to start exercising more as otherwise I may end up not having anything to wear when the weather gets warmer and when I travel to the beautiful and warm island of Cyprus at the end of this month to visit my friend’s family. This is not going to be easy as I am one of those people who is more inclined to choose a book over a stretch. So quite a change is required from me in this department. And… there is this other weakness… cakes… I just really like baking them… and eating them too, of course. :) Do I really need to give them up? Is it not possible to lose weight and have a slice or two (or three ;)) of cake on Sunday? Sunday cakes – oh, this is something so ingrained in my Polish culture. This is what my family gathers for around 4 o’clock in the afternoon every Sunday – the 3C’s: cake, coffee, conversation. Giving up cakes is like giving up childhood for me… unimaginable. Is it the same for you? Is it easy for you to resist sugar?

This week I’ll be posting a recipe for a very easy poppy seed cake. Watch the space if you are a fan of baking. Sorry if you’ve just decided to give up sugar for Lent, you see, it’s time for you to learn that temptations are everywhere even in blogosphere ;)

Below is a photo of my first attempt at making cheesecake. It was nice but even for such a cake lover as me a bit too rich.

Cheese cake

6 thoughts on “Not sure if I can give this one up…

  1. Make BUGIE! Put a fountain of flour 200g. add one egg whole; 1/2 glass of Marsala or Xeres; some salt; one small spoon of Acacia honey; Work with hands until you have a hard elastic ball. Let it rest for 30 min then use the rolling pin (floured) and stretch the ball out untill you ‘ave a thin (1mm max) surface. Cut with a knife in 3cm long strips so you have lots. Heat min 250cl of olive oil in a small deep pan; when hot drop the ribbands one at a time fry each till golden; then drain each one on chicken paper – allow to cool, sprinkle pounded caster sugar (icing sugar) over all of them and serve with Asti Moscato. Engioy!


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