Released From The Clutter (image and article)

I attempted to do the impossible over Christmas – I set out to part with one-third of my belongings. When I announced it to my husband and our toddler my husband worryingly replied: ‘But that means that one of us needs to go.’ :)

Well.. not quite.

All that went was the evidence of overcommitment: unread books, unused items, not-yet-or-not-often-worn clothes, forgotten home decorations, disliked music, excessive stationery and other neglected bits and pieces. I was very happy to remove them from my sight and give us back the space where we could hear our thoughts without having our attention pulled in many disparate directions. We needed a home that will stop us from being preoccupied with what we haven’t done and instead allow us to do what we want to do. Do you have a space like that? Space where you can stay relaxed but focused? Space that calms you down but at the same time allows you to move forward?

I see some beautiful images online of vast and glorious terrains and I imagine how easy it is to breathe and think in those spaces. Uncluttered by our engineering and unwanted items. Those spaces are physical representations of the mind that we want to have. Is this why we so eagerly appreciate photographs of single items that just sit there caressed by light, privileged by the space? Or photographs of open spaces… territories where we are free to wander and explore? They awaken a craving in us… don’t they? They draw us in.

That is why I decided I want to defend the spaciousness of our house, protect it from the jumble, disorder and confusion… decolonize our province and reinstate its original beauty and order. It needs to be liberated from the clutter. And we need that too.

The Peak District, UK

7 thoughts on “Released From The Clutter (image and article)

  1. I am in an ongoing battle to have a home that is comfortable but not cluttered. With an eight year old and a husband I sometimes feel my efforts are undone as soon as I complete them, but at other times they are both a great help. We have already begun reducing as we have begun to pack up the holiday items and I hope the trend continues all year. Good luck, I’d love to have updates on your journey from time to time.


  2. I need to do this in our house. Babies have not been good for the clutter around here! It feels like the apartment keeps getting smaller. Good for you. I know you’re right, our surroundings have everything to do with our state of mind.


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