Speaking to your child


I’m popping here just for a minute to share with you this magnificant lecture that I thought EVERY parent should watch and enjoy. It’s a shame I did not have access to it when my son was between 0 and 3. It would have been much easier for me to reject all the criticism that I was getting for talking or reading too much to him. This is such an important message which basically emphasises that you should grab every minute of those early years and enjoy them with a full heart.

Play people, play, play with your kids. It’s worth it!

You can find the lecture here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSNRtJtNHT4&feature=share

Please share the link further!

When you are aware, the journey is over.

Note in Polish: Zachęcam gorąco do obejrzenia tego wykładu. Szczególnie rodziców dzieci w wieku 0 do 3 lat.

One thought on “Speaking to your child

  1. Thank you for affirming post. I talked read and played with my children. I’m so pleased now for the richness of those early years. Now I am a grandmother and it saddens me that so many littlies are encouraged to play by themselves and are entertained with I pads. Memories to me of talking, laughing, reading, cuddling are what sustains our later years. Cheers!


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