Christmas Mirror


If you were standing in front of the mirror that shows the greatest desire of your heart, what would it reveal to you? Do you know yourself well enough to know what that would be?

If we discard the need/requirement/fad to be slimmer or wealthier, what would remain?

If we remove the musts and shoulds, is it possible that the mirror would show what we already have, who we already are? Is there any likelihood that it would reveal nothing but what exists already, that it would show you that you are already very very happy? Even though things are not picture-perfect, there is an aspect of your life that is making it what you’ve forever wanted it to be.

Is it possible that if you would look into that mirror today, you would gasp with awe as you would notice that what you experience contains the very happiness that you had once hoped for.  Isn’t that magical?

Happy Christmas season, my friend. You are a gift to the world.


One thought on “Christmas Mirror

  1. What a thought-provoking and beautiful post. Looking into a mirror called gratitude and really SEEING what we have and not what we lack is a real life Gift. Thank you. In this life we really NEED very little to survive and be happy.


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