The Uncertainty of Parenthood

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When my son was born, I was overwhelmed by the enormity of tender-hearted love that I felt but I also felt shocked, I mean TOTALLY UNPREPARED for the amount of anxiety and uncertainty that characterizes these very early moments and then the subsequent years of parenthood. This uncertainty is caused by different circumstances for each one of us, sometimes it’s lonely mothering, a child’s illness, a changing work situation or a move to a different country, and sometimes the well-known sleepless nights or feeding problems, and sometimes by all these things at once. The fear and anxiety is present and experienced by all – it’s the given and the universal to our parenting experiences.

We deal with this uncertainty in many different ways, we cling to books, we cling to people, we cling to ideas, we cling to our identities or we withdraw, we withdraw from books, withdraw from people…

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One thought on “The Uncertainty of Parenthood

  1. I can still remember so clearly what you have written though it is many, many, years ago. Creative people as mothers I believe want the very best for their children but have a difficult journey as they try to express their own giftings in the middle of it all. Now I face the challenge of seeing my daughter and grandchildren and this struggle is renewed. Each day must be valued as its own gift …..trials and all. Finding the beauty even in the struggle is in itself a life affirming journey. Blessing and Grace to you.


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