Nothing New: moving forward


My Nothing New Project has come to a standstill over the summer. I came across a few situations where I didn’t have a choice but to buy something new for myself and my son. Things like that always happen when you think you can relax, don’t they? For example, when you simply forget to pack that essential jacket you need because the place where you’re staying in the mountains drops to 6°C or when your child’s feet grow almost overnight and you realise that he will not make many steps in the old ones any more. I’m forgiving myself these small departures from the nothing new project as they really are justifiable but there is something else too… my little weakness that I indulged in while in Poland. I love Polish children’s’ songs and stories (written and spoken). I tried to say no to them, but I do see them as an essential part of my son’s childhood. And not just my son’s. They will also be used by a number of children because I am starting a group for Polish kids in my town which will focus on popularising Polish rhymes and stories among the expat children. So it turns out that those books have become a bit of an investment into community building and I’m happy I am making use of this investment.

So all in all, what’s the status of my nothing new project? I’ve slipped but I am carrying on, being mindful of what and where I buy or what I don’t buy. It’s almost the end of September and pre-Christmas shopping madness is about to start – I am sticking to the nothing new project just for the sole purpose of staying true to the message of the Christmas period – that new is born and not bought… that a true and long-lasting regeneration and renovation comes from effort, time and nourishment. So for these next few months I’ll carry on learning how to be patient, more hard-working and nurturing. I hope you’ll stay with me to see to it. ;)

4 thoughts on “Nothing New: moving forward

  1. “Nothing” new, like everything else in life, should be taken in moderation. I doubt you should beat yourself up about your worthy goal should you need to buy a thing or two from time to time. The examples you cited were justified in every way. And, to be honest, as long as the “new” things you buy end up in a good home when you’re done with them – as I’m sure they will – you’re essentially contributing to the same idea. Consuming with a conscience and a purpose isn’t a crime. Buying fewer things is important. Being aware is what it’s all about, right? You’re a great example.

    Perhaps, like me, you need an almost. Nothing New (Almost). Or (Almost) Nothing New. One Page Every Day was a bit ambitious at the outset. And now I have One Page (Almost) Every Day.

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