It was lonely there (about blogging)

I am not lonely

I looked at this photo of an umbrella left in the garden and I thought that I should write a post about passing, death and loneliness. But I cannot, as in fact, this week I cannot stop myself from baking cakes. I’m celebrating.

I am celebrating the start of this blog. The moment of finding courage to write. The second when I re-discovered my voice and the minute I became daring enough to share some photographs with a wider audience. Okay, I know this is far from perfect. I understand that there is a long way before me, writing-wise, and photo-wise, but it’s a start and if there is at least one person that I encouraged today to smile, pause or ponder, I’ve achieved something.

I am not lion-hearted. In fact, I am a very fearful lady. But I believe that growth, community and friendship comes about through sharing. Sharing interests, talents, problems, passions, laughs, food, worries and experiences. Sharing is necessary. Without it there is no community and only a slow progress of thought. Sharing is always an offer, an offer to engage, an offer to respond, an offer to reciprocate and get in touch. Regardless of language skills, of positions, irrespective of denomination, profession or age, sharing is an invitation to a dialogue.

The fear of judgment and criticism is what stops us from making contributions, from showing and submitting our work, from speaking or making a statement. The moment you share, you position yourself, but you never position yourself forever, so there is no need to worry about being mistaken or being imperfect. The position that you take is the here and now position. It’s alright to develop views with time, it’s alright to change. To give yourself time to improve. Others can help, can comment, can give us courage and appreciate our work. They can enjoy with us our strengths and imperfections and we can cherish their ideas and find further inspiration in them.

We all have underdeveloped skills, underdeveloped thoughts, underdeveloped interests. There’s no need to conceal them, no need to hide them from others. The moment we hide ourselves is the moment when we reject ourselves. If we reject what’s the weakest in us, how are we supposed to look after those who are more vulnerable than us? Our children. Are we going to tell them to hide until they are perfect?

So today I am celebrating. With a cake. The moment of emergence from the hiding place. It was lonely there. Glad I’m out.


16 thoughts on “It was lonely there (about blogging)

  1. What a beautiful lady you are… fascinated me your explanation about this blog. I enjoyed to read you…. How nice to know there is beautiful people in this world… How nice. Thank you dear new friend, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia


  2. Welcome to your shared world here ….. you’re doing just fine … posts don’t have to be perfect, photos don’t have to the best we captured. Just like you did with this fantastic post – heart and soul is in every line and behind every photo you publish. We can’t appeal to everybody – so long we are touches someone. Good luck!


  3. Alicja, these are beautiful, moving sentiments and your photos are really powerful and moving too. You have a powerful voice through both your words and your photography and I’m really happy to have stumbled across your blog (so much so that I’ve signed up for both wordpress reader and email updates!) I think you’re a natural blogger with an awful lot to give and you’re going to get a lot more followers over the next few months. So be ready with pencil sharpened and camera steady!


  4. I felt a pang of guilt as I realized how unkind I have been to myself. Thanks for reminding me to accept myself where I am. I have spent far too long hiding my beautiful imperfection.


  5. Thanks for visiting–It led me to you! You’ve said things I’ve felt but didn’t realize enough to verbalize. Fear can be crippling. We all just need to be kind(er) to each other! Thanks for sharing. gail


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