Family Time, Toddler Time (click to read)


Trivial daily life. Minor decisions. Moments of non-consequence. The routines are so ordinary, so mundane, the events insignificant and the breaks too short to be of any use.

Daily life doesn’t get good press, does it?

Perhaps, it’s because a lot of our energy is spent on trying to organise it and make it work for us.  Preoccupations – they often make us lose judgement and the ability to observe and appreciate what’s around us. We do our shopping so fast and so absentmindedly that we miss our child pointing to the eggs and we don’t hear them saying “egg” for the first time. We drink our teas so quickly that we fail to notice that our sister has just been using that gorgeous rainbow-patterned tea pot and mastered the brewing-and-pouring ritual that our grandmother used to practise.


Off to the market

Off to the market

Are eggs for the toddlers to play with?

Are eggs for the toddlers to play with?

Photographs often remind us that our daily lives are filled with moments of significance, of awe and wonder. Without our control. Without our intervention. These moments just happen. I firmly believe that it is enough just to stand back a bit to delight in them and become a beauty spotter. At least for a day. 

Try to become one. Just for today. See how nice it feels.


Off to the market

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