So you want your child to speak Italian.. Important advice on combining reading with experiencing.

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We live in a world that rightly so encourages us to read a lot to our children but research confirms that it’s best for our children when we read books with our own experiences in mind and we continuously make connections between the world on the page and the world around us. So slow down when you read, don’t rush with simple ‘What’s this?’, ‘What’s that?’ but have a conversation with your child, smile, make eye contact and ask open questions such as ‘What did you like most about going to the beach?’, ‘What would have happened if you hadn’t had your wellingtons on your feet?, ‘What was daddy doing over there? And what was grandpa doing?’. For language development ‘the doing’ is as crucial as naming objects. When you talk to your child make sure that you use many verbs (for some reason we like to focus on nouns only) as they help your child build sentences and aid storytelling. This book below is brilliant and I wish we had read it and talked around it (with verbs) when my son was smaller. It is a great introduction to various themes and topics and a great memory trigger. I strongly recommend it for those of you who speak Italian at home.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I recommend the book out of my sheer appreciation for it.

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One thought on “So you want your child to speak Italian.. Important advice on combining reading with experiencing.

  1. Wonderful pictures. Words of wisdom appreciated by this Gran. Interaction as you detailed is VITAL. These growing years do not last long. Make the most of them. Store priceless memories in all your hearts.


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