Never worry alone

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Apparently one of the reasons why smart people underperform is because they worry alone or they worry with the wrong people. So this coming year I’d like to suggest that instead of making a resolution list (or alongside it) we create a list of things that we really need some or a lot of help with, and commit ourselves to force, yes, force ourselves to actively ask for that help.

Over the last few months I have matured enough to understand that there are times in life when we need to look for help, and have the courage to request it. We have to be adult enough to do it, and be prepared to pay for it too in money and/or ego, but really we must learn to ask for help. It’s part of life, part of being a human being. Requesting help has nothing to do with laziness, but…

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One thought on “Never worry alone

  1. What a truth. Yes indeed we must be humble enough to consider others but also to honestly tell our own needs so others can have the blessings and opportunity to also flow in caring. (It must be a two-way loving and caring life).


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