What do we truly want from our lives?

Postcards Without Stamps

What do we truly want from our lives

I took a break from writing this blog to fill myself up with good experiences and as I was resting, exploring and nourishing myself and my body I’ve realised how depleting our current lifestyles are – those ways of life that we choose to live in our Western society: choosing walls instead of being outdoors, choosing screens instead of faces, choosing plasticated and pre-prepared food instead of a wholesome self-made dinner, choosing an additional cup of coffee instead of additional two hours of sleep, choosing to race through days instead of experiencing them… The body registers those choices and so no wonder it relentlessly directs us towards other ones through aches, pains, and tiredness – the signals that we should be thankful for as they remove the guilt for wanting to rest, for wanting to go against the mad and pushy current of modern life, for wanting to opt out.

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One thought on “What do we truly want from our lives?

  1. What an inspired photograph to ACCOMPANY YOUR SOUND MESSAGE! Living life and not letting it pass you by is an ancient aspiration too often defeated by our hedonistic and lemming like societal existance driven by APPS and more and more isolated from the reality of life by screens and gizmos. How refreshing to see the old man walking down the lane….


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