The spiritual dimension of childhood

Postcards Without Stamps

in a church

We talk a lot about how to best bring up our children. We talk a lot about their diet, about their clothes, schooling, meaningful playtime and sleep patterns. We are continuously preoccupied with their self-esteem and skills development but we hardly ever address their spiritual side, hardly ever ask questions about it. I sometimes feel that it is almost a taboo to talk about spirituality for the fear of being recognised as a potential or practicing believer.

I am a practicing believer. I go to church. Once it was part of my cultural practice and upbringing (being brought up in a Catholic family with Catholic values), now it is my choice. I don’t feel constrained by my religion, I feel guided in some manner but not constrained. In fact I am often plagued with doubt but a few years ago a solid seed has been planted in me and now…

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One thought on “The spiritual dimension of childhood

  1. This is an inspirational piece of prose that encapsulates the modern dilemma about spirituality and modern living. There is a curious divergence in Britain between personal belief and the general media concern about freedom to say only acceptable themes. There are times in our lives when spiritual thoughts transcend the humdrum day to day rat race elements of our existance. What better for any child to consider his/her existence yearn towards spiritual matters, when mysteries surround us from every dimension? Consider how little humanity knows about why we exist on this Earth let alone our place in the Universe? As the photos from Pluto demonstrate we live in wonder and discover more about how the Universe is too ordered to categorically relegate God to irrelevance.


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