Fleeting Visits (read the postcard)

It’s just a short visit. You catch the aroma of coffee and cake. Everything is so well-prepared and inviting that a mixture of both guilt and regret stirs inside you. “I’m just popping round – I won’t be able to stay for too long.” The instinct tells you that the generosity with which you are treated deserves much more of your time. You’d like to stay for longer but it’s not possible. The schedule, commitments, busy life. You feel embarrassed about how little time you can offer to your host so next time when invited you don’t come at all or you keep on rescheduling the visit.

Here’s the alternative. Brief visits serve their purpose. They are needed. They are meaningful. Bonds are built through them. Caring for each other is established. Just through asking a few questions. “How’s your new orchid growing?” “How are the kids doing?” These visits strengthen friendship, give rhythm to our relationships. Short duration pulses. Lifebeats.

So you didn’t stay for long? That’s okay. It’s important that you came.

9 thoughts on “Fleeting Visits (read the postcard)

  1. Very beautiful. I have a friend who is dying of cancer. Who knows what day I will lose her? My visits are very brief, 5 minutes – tops, but I am grateful for another moment to tell her I love her and to pray with her.


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