This Blog is Taking a Break in 2015

multicultural life_SundayI’ve gone a bit mad on measuring over the last few weeks. Measuring time, to be precise. The findings of my experiment did not surprise me but confirmed my assumption that at this particular moment in time I cannot do everything that ideally I would like to do.

Of course, I have again questioned the existence of this blog and the time that I spent recording and documenting my thoughts and experiences and I have realised that I am not documenting what I want to document and I am not writing the blog that I would like to write. Mainly because I haven’t developed an angle yet and because the things that I want to do just take much more time than I can realistically offer now. So I have decided I will be taking a longer break from writing and photographing this year so that I can invest my time and efforts into other things and develop a stronger understanding of what I want this blog to represent and how I want to run it.

Samuel Johnson declared once: “What is written without effort is in general read without pleasure.”
This is year I am hoping to make a lot of effort offline so that you can find my writing pleasurable next year.

To a good year Friends!


23 thoughts on “This Blog is Taking a Break in 2015

  1. I support you on this..I have recently written about balance… It’s hard to maintain it all and to think that I am a retired! Does that mean you will not be on fb? I wish you well on this endeavor..

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    • Thank you Mother Hen. Yes, it’s hard… almost impossible for me recently. When the time is right, I’ll be back. I am not sure about Facebook yet. I think I will start posting some photographs there at some stage but to be honest I feel I need to detox from any online communication for a while. Good sleep and fresh air are my priorities this month. :) Thank you for commenting and following. This blogging world is great. It feels good to be able to build up and participate in online communities. But I feel it’s important to do the same offline. There are always people out there who would welcome a warm cup of tea and a face-to-face chat. :) I aim to serve and drink many cups of tea this year. :)

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      • So true…Sometimes I fell pulled because I feel it is addictive and I’d like to invest my time learning new things… although wonderful meeting others through the world of blogging. I think the answer for me moderation. Your photography is outstanding. I love the simplicity and beauty of it..


    • I’ll definitely miss reading your thoughts and seeing your wonderful pictures. I hope you bring yourself to the computer from time to time to share a few of both with all of us.

      Best of luck with whatever it is you’re doing, whenever you’re doing it.

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  2. Alicja – trzymam kciuki za twoją nową drogę. Choć nie ukrywam – będzie mi brakowało Twoich zdjęć i komentarzy. Powodzenia~! :)


    • Asiu! Bardzo Ci dziekuje za mile slowa. Musze przyznac, ze tesknie za blogosfera. Napisalam dzisiaj krotki wpis, poniewaz milo jest czasem zapukac do czytelnikow. :) Zycze Ci cudownych Swiat. Spojrze przez Swieta, co dzialo sie u Ciebie ostatnio, musze nadrobic zaleglosci. Pozdrawiam goraco z UK. :)


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