Observing the city, imagining people

oxford with a toddler

I’ve always had a lot of respect for History and Education and that is why I like visiting Oxford so much. An opportunity came last week for us to go there and so we did. I must admit when I am in Oxford I breathe deeper, my senses are sharper and I walk around the city all happy.

I imagine these brilliant minds committed to their subjects, devouring their books, excited about learning and discoveries, often terribly frustrated about their lack of progress. I imagine great debates and seas of questioning, heavy timetables and a rush to complete the next book chapter or lab work. I imagine all this and I like my thoughts. My soul approves of this daydreaming.

Last week I was walking around the city again, and again I looked up at the buildings and I sighed in awe and admiration. My toddler shouted in contentment too… at a few very attractively deep and murky puddles that he saw on the university ground. ‘Right. Reality check,’ I thought to myself.

Look up and down (and sideways too).

autumn leavesChrist Church Oxfordyellow leaf on green grassAutumn

8 thoughts on “Observing the city, imagining people

  1. That’s exactly how I feel when we visit Washington, D.C. here in the states. I can feel the energy in the air there like nowhere else I’ve ever traveled. It’s strange, but there’s just something so remarkable there and I walk with a little more pep in my step when I visit. I guess some cities have such a rich history that you can actually feel it in the air. What a great adventure y’all had!


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